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A Balance Between Capital, Company & Community

A vision to make a difference, one door at a time.

We have a vision to create long-term symbiotic relationships between capital, company and community. To achieve this vision we utilize technology and leverage data to make more informed investment decisions, streamline our property management systems, and improve the overall living experience in the communities we serve. The result will be democratized real estate investing that results in affordable, quality housing with significant returns for its investors.

Values that go beyond investment.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with like-minded investors have added value to our business beyond just financial resources. Our mutually beneficial collaborations go beyond the traditional scope of financial investments and have provided increased efficiency, access to new markets, shared resources, added capital, and expertise. We believe that these partnerships have led to greater success and synergistic growth. 

Long-Term Growth

Our long-term investment strategy is in well-established and reliable real estate that has a history of producing positive returns over time. We are confident that these time-tested strategies will continue to provide us with a steady stream of profitability and will help us to achieve sustainable growth. By focusing on these types of investments, we can ensure that our portfolio is well-diversified while minimizing exposure to unnecessary risks. 

Tech-enabled efficiencies

Our proprietary technology allows us to identify attractive, high-quality assets, streamline communications with our investors, reduce the costs of living in our communities, improve tenant and management communication, increase productivity, and remove much of the waste in administrative processes. These tech-enabled efficiencies allow us to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Meet Our Founders


Trixy Castro is a renowned entrepreneur, fund manager, and real estate innovator. Founded Genesis Capital, LLC in 2007, later acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2018. Pioneered Genesis Auctions in 2011, acquiring Hudson & Marshall, LLC in 2015, and securing acquisition by Fidelity National Title in 2017. Recipient of numerous industry accolades, including Housing Wire Magazine’s Most Influential Women in Real Estate and the Spirit of St. Louis Award. Recognized as Business Owner of the Year by Wells Fargo and a Forbes Finance Council member.

Trixy Castro – Co-Founder & Managing Director of INVST.


CJ Russell is a seasoned expert in the home mortgage field, specializing in data-driven innovation for underserved markets. At ServiceLink Auction, he drove sales growth and received the 2018 Housing Wire’s Rising Stars award. With 13 years in real estate and tech, he established a foundational tech firm for and launched their HUD CWCOT Auction program. At Bank of America, he managed $15 billion in assets efficiently. A Salesforce certified developer with a degree from Arizona State University, CJ stands out as a leading figure in mortgage innovation and partnerships.

CJ Russell – 
Co-Founder & Managing Director of INVST.


Dr. Jacob Rastegar, MD is an obstetrics & gynecology specialist in Los Angeles, CA and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Sackler School Of Medicine, Tel Aviv University in 1999. He is affiliated with California Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Rastegar is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor, with significant M&A expereince. 

Dr. Jacob Rastegar – Co-Founder & Managing Director of INVST.


Jeremy Lessaris is a seasoned tech founder, entrepreneur, and marcom executive with 20+ years in the payments, healthcare, industrial, energy, and transportation sectors. His career spanned 15 years as the Global VP of Marketing & Communications for a $28 billion US/Chinese conglomerate, where he rang the opening bell at NASDAQ and helped secure nearly $30 million in private and grant funding. Jeremy has also successfully bootstrap funded, founded, and exited eight tech-based companies across SaaS, payments, marcom and healthcare sectors.

Jeremy Lessaris – Co-Founder & CTO of INVST

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